We regret to inform you that our clinical system, EMIS, is currently experiencing an unexpected outage.  This is a national problem beyond our control and we are informed that this is being investigated as a priority.  This system is crucial for managing appointments, accessing medical records, and processing prescriptions, so this interruption may affect our ability to provide timely and efficient care.  We have limited access to your information so please bear with us.

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Repeat prescriptions will be issued at the doctor's discretion and are normally for patients on long-term treatment.

If you think you may need a new prescription for medicine, please make an appointment with the doctor.


You can request a repeat prescription using the options below. The easiest way to request a repeat prescription is Online. Our Online Services can help you request repeat medication at your convenience with automated delivery of your prescription to your preferred pharmacy. It will show you all your repeat medicine and dosage and you can choose the ones you need. Please visit the Apps section below to access Online Services.

You may also complete the Webform via the website to request a repeat prescription.

Please allow 3 working days before collecting your prescription.

Click on your preferred Online Service below to request a repeat prescription. If you are not registered with any of these services, then please register by following the instructions on their respective pages. Alternatively, you may complete the Webform via the website to request a repeat prescription.

Note: The NHS App allows you to get registered by setting up an NHS account online and without the need to visit the practice.

Additional information is available on our Online Services page.